Serious companies reaching their goal

After exploring market trends and some controversial ICOs in the previews part lets turn to really good ones. Those are simply taking over the market with successful products and attracting huge investments (both from hedge funds and ordinary users).

They are EOS (the longest 350-days ICO that got $4 billion of funds), Telegram ($1.7 billion on private sale stage and not planning to go public), Huobi with $300 million raised, Hdac with $258 million, Filecoin (almost beated Hdac) with $257 million and last but not least – Bancor with $153 million. They all have very strong projects and will obviously achieve the goals they plan.


06 09 1 - 10 biggest ICO in blockchain history. Part 2

Profile: EOS.IO is software that introduces a blockchain architecture designed to enable vertical and horizontal scaling of decentralized applications.
ICO: June 2017 – June 2018
Coin price: $14.16
Funds raised: $4.2 mln
Today: working project

EOS is’s project with the longest ICO in history: launched in June 2017, it has just ended with 350 days of crowdsale and $4.2 billion of money raised. Its creator, company, collected over $185 million during the first ICO stage in July 2017. The goal of the project is the automation of business processes in the financial sector, the development of applications and services to assess the volume of transactions and other things necessary to business.

Two unusual features that make the project stand out: the duration of ICO (almost a year), and the possibility of buying tokens on the crypto exchange while the ICO is still in full swing.

EOS was repeatedly subjected to active criticism in media and community for its non-standard approach. The most striking episode was the release of a separate story dedicated to the project in the John Oliver’s satirical show ‘Last Week Tonight’. He was extremely skeptical about the prospects of the project, while admitting that he did not know enough about finances and computers to judge: “Who knows? Maybe EOS is going to be the next Google. I don’t think it is, and I certainly don’t think it can be worth over a billion dollars at this point, but I could be wrong. I’m absolutely not, but I could be,” – he said. The episode spread widely on the Internet and even provoked a decrease in the value of the token on exchanges from $6 to $4, but the token quickly won back the cost and even rose to $7. The EOS team reacted promptly to John’s attack by commenting on all the journalist’s remarks and also thanking him for drawing the attention of the general public to both the project and the crypto industry as a whole. To date, the cost of the token is $12.97.


06 09 2 1024x484 - 10 biggest ICO in blockchain history. Part 2

Profile: Telegram‘s ICO was supposed to be a record-breaker to develop a platform that brings the decentralized internet to life
ICO: January 2018 – February 2017
Coin price: $0.1
Funds raised: $1.7 mln
Today: protocol is developing

The third in our list is Telegram, which succeeded to raise $1.7 billion at the presale stage. Both rounds of Telegram ICO were held privately, only for accredited investors from the United States. How much money does it take to invest in GRAM? It is assumed that the “outsiders” had to contribute $ 20 million, and “friends” – $500,000. Some are concerned about this, because control of tokens will be in the hands of a few wealthy investors. It is not at all like decentralization, usually preached by such projects.

It turns out that ordinary buyers will not get access to the tokens before they are officially launched on the exchanges. However, this provokes a certain number of problems, prompting large investors to sell tokens unofficially at an inflated price. So, Techcrunch reported that tokens, bought initially for $0.37 were resold later for $1.30. Also the project is actively criticized, for example, in the ironic article of MIT Technoligie entitled “Give us $2 billion and we’ll solve all of blockchain’s problems” says that their plan plan “is bold, but short on details”.

Huobi (HT)

06 09 3 - 10 biggest ICO in blockchain history. Part 2

Profile: Huobi is global digital asset exchange
ICO: January 2018 – February 2017
Coin price: $5.9
Funds raised: $300 mln
Today: protocol is working

Huobi is in the top five exchanges for daily trading volumes and previously one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges in China. At first, it did not have its own token, but then the company launched the HT token. The exchange did not conduct a large-scale public ICO, but simply allowed customers to buy packets of tokens for cryptocurrency. Users invested in it with a hunt, because trading with HT reduces the commission for transactions.

Huobi Token is growing steadily and market share of Huobi exchange itself is also getting bigger, driving more and more attention to the project. This coin has every chance to take a serious place in the cryptocurrency market.

Hdac (DAC)

06 09 4 1024x576 - 10 biggest ICO in blockchain history. Part 2

Profile: Hdac is a blockchain-based platform backed by Hyundai BS&C. The platform allows IoT devices to communicate with each other
ICO: November 2017 – December 2017
Coin price: $2.5
Funds raised: $258 mln
Today: protocol is working

This project is aimed at creating a blockchain platform for IoT contracts and payments. Hdac is supported by the South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai. ICO is extremely popular in South Korea, but not so well known outside the country. Some criticize the project, because its Whitepaper is quite close to the competitor, IOTA.

Only a small number of tokens were sold during the tokensale. Other projects sell at least 30–40% of the available volume during the ICO, while Hdac sold only 7% during ICO. Some believe that for this reason the price of tokens is overstated. Others say that in this way Hdac is exposed to the danger of inflation when selling tokens in subsequent years.


06 09 5 1024x512 - 10 biggest ICO in blockchain history. Part 2

Profile: A Decentralized Market for Storage
ICO: August – September 2017
Coin price: $11.59
Funds raised: $257 mln
Today: protocol is working

The Filecoin project was launched by the Protocol Labs company as early as in 2014. The goal was to create an effective solution for storing any data. According to the plan, users install special software that allows them to store data on computer hard drives.

By the way, the ICO was adjustable. That is, participants had to pass the verification process first. Remind you, we are talking about big firms, banks and wealthy individuals. This allowed the team to stay calm and safe even after the SEC announced new rules for ICOs in July 2017.

FileCoin crowdsdale finished in September 2017, with $135 million attracted in the first hour. $52 million were raised during the pre-ICO in US dollars from investors on the AngelList list. In September 2017 Filecoin was the largest ICO in history. The company also allowed only accredited investors with income of $200,000 per year or with assets valued at $1 million.


06 09 6 - 10 biggest ICO in blockchain history. Part 2

Profile: Bancor is a decentralized liquidity network that allows you to hold any Ethereum token and convert it to any other token in the network
ICO: June 2017
Coin price: $4.2
Funds raised: $153 mln
Today: protocol is working

Bancor ICO is another super successful project that managed to raise its first $140 million during first three hours of tokensale. The main idea of the project – the ability to exchange ERC20 tokens directly, without cryptocurrency exchanges. This would make it possible to avoid commissions and reduce the cost of transactions. In addition, system participants can invest in various tokens, allowing you to create “baskets” with several investment tools.

Bancor never caused suspicion of investors and confidently moved to its goal. Only six months after the tokensale, the live product was launched, which allowed anyone to buy and sell tokens in the Bancor Network directly from the web, at prices automatically calculated by the open source Bancor Protocol formula.

Today lots of ongoing ICOs announce integration with Bancor protocol (DIW Token, FundFantasy, Streamr and others).