What makes an IСO project successful? This is a case study from video marketing experts RKale and a successful ICO reaching out investors using videos and YouTube ads. One of the most common – and most effective – ways to market has been to direct well-targeted traffic to a good sales page using animated explainer videos. Let’s begin.

Written by Matthew Oxborrow, Copywriter and ICO marketing consultant for Rkale.com (soon to be icovideos.io)

Key Stats

  • 809,726 Views – People who watched the advert on Youtube without skipping.
  • 83,279 clicks – Number of people who responded by visiting the sales page – over 10% of the people who watched the video clicked through to the page!
  • 2,969 new investors directly from watching the video advert – 3.57% conversion rate from cold video traffic to becoming a paying investor.
  • 300% increase in organic, branded Google searches for the project throughout campaign.
  • Turned €35,052 ad costs into millions in investment


The owner of the successful ICO project hired Rohan Kale, ICO video agency, to help develop the idea and create two videos to captivate the public so they wouldn’t skip the ads and generate enough curiosity and interest so they would would follow the call to action. Here’s what they did.

The Behavioural Lead Journey System

The quality of video is essential when talking about big business and ideas designed to inspire millions to action. RKale and his team use the unique Behavioural Lead Journey System to attract the public asap, that is in a timespan necessary to release two videos.

Video 1 is a video focusing on key messages, offered solutions and prospect, created in the form of a narrative that grabs the attention of the target audience and motivates them click through and follow the call to action.

Video 2 is the more technical and detailed of the two. It’s best used for retargeting viewers who watched the first video but didn’t click through for some reason. This video acts as an additional point to increase awareness along with reiterating to the key messages. It enlightens public on the specific details about the project and the offer.

The videos were designed in such a manner to entice viewers into clicking the link to visit the ICO sales page.

Now let’s get to the marketing plan itself.

The Video Marketing Plan

Samuel, the one in charge of video marketing, decided to use Youtube pre-roll ads.

YouTube pre-roll is a top of the funnel type of digital marketing, used mainly to raise awareness and partly to drive website traffic. It can also be used for lead generation. You may get some sales right away, depending on what you’re selling, but it’s not as immediate as AdWords search ads are.”

Well-targeted ads in the hands of a skilled professional can actually create miracles and foster immediate sales, which was demonstrated by Samuel.

He targeted video 1 using keywords like ICO, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain to potential investors, people who were already searching for relevant videos.

He also tested keywords for different ad groups in the banking and finance sector, and people looking for investment services.

After analyzing the results, Samuel retargeted viewers of video 1 with video 2 to retain the momentum and further encourage them to invest.

Look through the results from the table below:

07 20 2 - A video marketing case study: + 2 969 investors in less than 3 weeks
The top line shows the campaign for the video 2. Line 2 shows the campaign for video 1.

You may see that when video 1 viewers were targeted with video 2 the conversion rate almost doubled from 0.29% to 0.52%. The conversion rate here is defined as the people who watched the video, clicked the call to action and invested immediately while on the sales page.

What’s more, throughout the campaign, organic searches for the specific ICO and related keywords increased 300%(!) due to increased awareness.

Thus, actual profit the video marketing campaign in fact exceeded already impressive results that we could directly observe from Youtube – Sales Page – Investment.

When Youtube ads bring good results and increase views, they also secure long-term benefit from the organic ranking of the video within Youtube’s search algorithm. Thus, the benefits from a good video marketing campaign using the Behaviour Lead Journey system are long-term and compound.


This case study shows the power of a simple, well-targeted sales campaign, smartly executed with high-quality videos. This is how a great but simple idea can bring a project to striking heights without complex tactics and costly budget items.

Given the short timespan and the presented results, it wasn’t necessary to adjust the method to the campaign although other projects might use a good piece of analysis to improve certain aspects of videos to maximize results.

About Rohan Kale

Rohan Kale is a global collective of handpicked copywriters, sound experts, graphic artists, audio professionals, voiceover artists and illustrators, RK was created in 2015. Since then they’ve specialised in offering global companies quick, efficient video marketing for maximum ROI. Most recently they’ve been helping blockchain companies get incredible results for their ICO.

To talk to Rohan Kale about creating animated explainer videos using the Behavioural Lead Journey System for your business, email him personally.