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ezgif 3 1887cadfd 585x229 - Chromapolis ICO Review
ICO Reviews

Chromapolis ICO Review 

Chromapolis is a blockchain platform for dApps where the data is stored in a relational database. The project has every chance to occupy this niche, given that its creators already have a serious weight in the industry and experience in bringing the product to the…

08 22 1 585x330 - Crypto Jobs in Demand
Blockchain Jobs

Crypto Jobs in Demand 

The amount of investments into blockchain companies in 2018 has already increased by 40% compared to 2017. As the market activity is growing, new blockchain and crypto-related professions are emerging. We have analyzed the most popular professions and skills in demand studied wages and opportunities….

ezgif 3 72b306e31 585x229 - GenEOS ICO Review
ICO Reviews

GenEOS ICO Review 

GenEOS is a new platform for constructing and adapting applications using a blockchain. They aim to bring business transformation and automated record-keeping, turning entirely secure, distributed, decentralized, and scalable applications into a new norm of the business world. Intro and Overview Product description Technology Ecosystem…

ezgif 3 0ba7584ba 585x281 - ICO Market Analysis July
ICO Statistics

ICO Market Analysis July 

$715 mln raised total, 51% closed sale report rate Market overview 400+ ICO data analyzed by one of top listing platforms ICO Bazaar. $714 mln raised in July, twice less than in June. A clear delayed effect of the summer decrease in investors’ activity due…