Blockchain development is one of the more complicated development fields. A blockchain developer must be proficient in several languages, both front and back-end as well as be familiar with the most effective security practices.

Why is blockchain development difficult

Blockchain, in general, is a very innovative technology that is not yet implemented on a broad scale. Furthermore, the blockchain development community is still relatively young. For a developer this means that there is little available documentation, finding advice is tough, and the development of any new application is the same as sailing in uncharted waters – it’s all trial and error.

Furthermore, blockchain development brings some unique challenges that must be dealt with. For one, blockchain code is usually open source, which means that anybody is able to view it and inspect it for bugs and vulnerabilities. This means that all blockchain code must be thoroughly tested which slows down the development significantly.

The other challenge is performance – the blockchain must always perform at the limit of its capability, which is very difficult to achieve. Not helping the problem is the fact that certain processes in the blockchain network can run in parallel while others can not. It is crucial to manage resources correctly and be able to handle the demands of the blockchain at any given moment in time.

Furthermore, since blockchain applications usually involve cryptocurrency in one way or another, it can be argued that a blockchain developer needs to be familiar with cryptography, which is a complicated science of safe interactions in the presence of third parties.

Blockchain development languages

A blockchain developer must be familiar with multiple languages, server-side and client-side alike. Some of the languages typically used for blockchain development are:

  • C#
  • C++
  • Python
  • JavaScript

Also often used is the Solidity programming language that is utilized in platforms such as Ethereum for Smart Contract creation and deployment.