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An Airdrop is an instance of a company distributing its tokens free of charge. Airdrops are generally accessible to anyone who provides their public address where tokens are be sent, even though some cases some additional criteria must be met.   The purpose of Airdrops…

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A whitepaper is a technical document that provides the most in-depth overview of the idea of a project. A whitepaper is used as one of the primary marketing materials during an ICO since most of the investors will be making a decision on whether to…

Crypto Wiki, ICO

Private Sale 

Private sale is an ICO stage where only selected investors can participate. It is usually held before the main fundraising event – the crowdsale. What is a Private Sale Private sale is a closed fundraising event that can take place during an ICO, usually before the…

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ICO Regulation 

ICO regulation varies substantially from a country by country. In many nations, ICO regulation is still being developed. Hence, in some jurisdictions, ICOs fall in a legal grey zone. Some regulators support and encourage ICOs while in other countries they are banned as a risky…

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STO is a new type of crowdfunding that was created to solve some of the typical ICO problems, such as high amount of scam, lack of regulation and limited investor’s rights. Differences between ICO and STO ICO companies usually sell so-called utility tokens that essentially…

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A roadmap provides an overview of the development plan that is prepared for a project, covering the most important milestones. Aspects covered in a roadmap can range from technological developments to business, legal, or marketing achievements. A good roadmap should provide a clear idea of…