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Solidity Programming Language 

Solidity is a programming language that is used in platforms like Ethereum to create and execute smart contracts. Smart contracts are self-executable programs that are triggered when certain conditions are met. They allow particles to adhere to contract terms automatically, without third party involvement. Solidity…

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As a whole, decentralization is not a new concept, but instead, one that has been known to humanity for decades and one that can be applied to any matter, not only to technology. However, in relation to Blockchain and cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, decentralization is…

Blockchain, Crypto Wiki

Smart Сontracts 

A smart contract is a computer algorithm designed to maintain commercial contracts in blockchain technology. Essentially, a smart contract is a piece of code that is executed if certain conditions are met. Working principle The contract becomes valid after it is digitally “signed” by the…

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A cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency, that is based on cryptographic methods. Generally, cryptocurrencies are decentralized and powered by technologies like blockchain, Directed Acyclic Graph, and Consensual Register. Information about transactions is usually not encrypted and is available in a human-readable format. Cryptographic…

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Cryptocurrency Exchanges 

Cryptocurrency exchanges are online or offline platforms that allow trading cryptocurrencies in pairs with major fiat currencies, tokens or other cryptocurrencies. What is a cryptocurrency exchange? Cryptocurrency exchange is typically a centralized online platform that accepts deposits and allows to trade cryptocurrencies or tokens. Exchanges…

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“Altcoin” or “Alternative coin” is a word often used to define any cryptocurrency that is not Bitcoin. It can be used to define cryptocurrencies that are based on completely different blockchains than Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies that were created as a result of a hard fork…

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Tokens are digital assets, generally issued during an ICO. They typically grant holders the ability to purchase goods or use services of a company. During the ICO tokens are exchanged for cryptocurrency that in turn is used to fund the projects’ development. Tokens are most…

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List of Cryptocurrencies 

There are over 1565 cryptocurrencies as of April 2018 according to Wikipedia. Bellow is the list of the most popular cryptocurrencies by capitalization (data collected in August 2018).   Bitcoin Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Since it’s creation Bitcoin…

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ERC20 is a token standard. All tokens that are based on the Ethereum blockchain and more specifically, use Ethereum smart contracts are categorized as ERC20 compatible tokens.   What are ERC20 tokens ERC20 tokens are tokens that utilize the Ethereum blockchain smart contract functionality. The…

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