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Cryptocurrency Trading 

Cryptocurrencies can be traded on specialized online platforms – cryptocurrency exchanges.   About cryptocurrency trading Trading cryptocurrencies can be very rewarding because like all young currencies cryptocurrencies often experience increased volatility with prices fluctuating in hundreds of dollars in a matter of hours. This makes…

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What is Ethereum? Ethereum ( “ether” or ETH ) is a blockchain based platform for creating decentralized online services( DApps, Decentralized applications ), working on the basis of smart contracts. The concept of Etheterum was proposed by the founder of Bitcoin Magazine Vitalik Buterin in…

Crypto Wiki, Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Regulations 

Cryptocurrency regulations is an essential topic in many legislations. However, the laws vary largely from country to country. In some regions, blockchain and cryptocurrency development are encouraged while other legislations are issuing strict rules related to cryptocurrencies and ICOs in particular. Regulation in the USA…

Crypto Wiki, Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Mining 

Cryptocurrency mining is a process in which transactions are verified, generated into blocks and added to the blockchain. Mining can be performed on any hardware device, however, for mining to be efficient specialized ASIC processors or GPUs are recommended. Mining is needed to keep a…

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A fork is an instant of a project separating from another while still using the original code as a base.   How Forks work After Forking every branch of the software can evolve independently from the main project and might have different functions that were…

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Initial coin offering or ICO, in short, is a form of crowdfunding where a fixed number of new cryptocurrency units or tokens is created by a single or accelerated emission is sold to investors. The term “ICO” can often be replaced by the word “crowdsdale.”…

Crypto Wiki, ICO


Crowdsale is the main stage of an ICO and the main fundraising event where a company sells a portion of issued tokens in exchange for the cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum and gathers funds for the development of the project. Differences from a Pre-ICO…

Crypto Wiki, ICO

Hard Cap and Soft Cap 

ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings can be capped or uncapped. Capped ICOs run until a certain amount of funds is collected, while uncapped ICOs run for a set period that can range from weeks to multiple months. What is a Hard Cap? Hard Cap indicates…

Crypto Wiki, ICO


With the rising interest from regulators towards ICOs, it is becoming more difficult to conduct an ICO and meet all administrative requirements, which creates doubt for investors. KYC and AML are methods that are broadly known in the financial sector and help to facilitate relationships…

Crypto Wiki, ICO

ICO Marketing 

Marketing plays a vital role in ICO success. As the number of ICOs is increasing from year to year, attracting a vide investor’s audience becomes crucial. ICO marketing problems There are several popular ways to market an ICO, some of which are unique to the…

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