Consensus 2018 – a giant crypto conference organized by Coindesk on May 14-16 in New York Hilton Midtown. As it’s for sure the biggest yearly event in Bitcoin and ICO world, we couldn’t miss it.

06 06 1 - Consensus 2018 – the biggest blockchain event of the year

It was the most crowded event we’ve ever attended. More than 8 thousand people came to see the show this year. And you should have in mind that standart ticket would cost you $2000 in advance and $3000 at the door. With more than 8500 attendees we can easily count the profit – $17 million. Not bad, right?

Everything about this conference is remarkable and huge. The level of organization, the cars in front of the entrance (everyone has already wrote that those Lamborghini were rented), queues at the entrance, the crowd blocking the entire main corridor. Certainly, the food.

06 06 2 1024x1024 - Consensus 2018 – the biggest blockchain event of the year

It’s official: big business is ready for blockchain

It is obvious that the blockchain enters a new era. More and more large traditional companies officially announce plans for large investments. Deloitte conducted a special survey among companies to find out their plans for investing in a blockchain. 39% of survey respondents stated their company will invest at least $5 million USD (of that 39%, 16% indicated they will invest $10 million USD or more) and only 5% have no plans to invest.

06 06 3 1024x664 - Consensus 2018 – the biggest blockchain event of the year

SEC – not a Boogie Man anymore?

Speakers’ speeches were extremely deep and efficient, for example, on the panel “Enforcement” we were glad to hear from US regulator’s officials that the SEC is not looking for how to squeeze out conscientious startups, but rather seeks to make this area more understandable, open and protect consumers from scammers, and companies from unlawful claims. We think it’s a very important question right now and that’s why we are preparing a whole series of articles on the topic of security and SEC regulations.

ICO evolution

A very clear trend is to stop using “Initial Coin Offering”- label as it’s becoming toxic. Projects try to say STO or public token sale instead.

Active networking – main goal at any blockchain event

To be serious, we should say that this incredible size of the crowd somehow complicated networking, but Consensus Community allowed to schedule appointments in advance which certainly helped. Interesting that, despite the scale of the crowd, we met people at different times who were already talking to members of our ICOBazaar “landing party”. We can say that we’re totally satisfied with the results and definitely looking forward to the next year event.

What industry needs

  • Invest funds have high need for quality expertise and the first level of filtering projects. The most important thing for them is team analysis. Therefore, ICOBazaar is planning to build in KYC procedure for validating team members.
  • Funds also sick information about ICO partnerships with finished successful ICOs, because such partnerships and interactions demonstrate that this is not a scam, but a serious project. Therefore, we also want to add partnership info to projects’ profiles.
  • From the ICO point of view, there is a request for the post-ICO marketing, creating a strong community after ICO is over, so we are thinking about tools for building a brand in post-ICO conditions.


It was a very productive trip and we definitely plan to visit next year Consensus event. See you there! Check out our page Events ICObazaar for upcoming events in the blockchain world.

06 06 4 - Consensus 2018 – the biggest blockchain event of the year

06 06 5 1024x1024 - Consensus 2018 – the biggest blockchain event of the year