The number of blockchain jobs posted this year has seen a dramatic increase

The demand for blockchain specialists skyrocketed in 2017. The statistics from AngelList indicates that cryptocurrency and blockchain job posting increased by more than 100% in the past six months.

Upwork reports that blockchain development was the second among the most demanded skills in labor market at the end of 2017 and through the beginning of 2018:

08 14 1 - Crypto and Blockchain: A Hot Labor Market Trend

Top blockchain employers: legacy firms and financial companies vs startups

Legacy firms, including Deloitte, JPMorgan, eBay, ESPN and Uber, are now eagerly exploring blockchain opportunities. A legacy firm might have dozens of positions open at the same time, and startups rarely have more than 10 positions advertised at once except those that have recently attracted big investments through a successful ICO, as they tend to look for many new employees.

08 14 2 - Crypto and Blockchain: A Hot Labor Market Trend
Source: Crypto Jobs List

Last year, IBM, Microsoft and Accenture accounted for roughly half of $700 million in global revenues related to blockchain. IBM had over 400 blockchain projects in 2017, and more than 150 vacancies related to blockchain were created since then.

Accenture is the second top blockchain company with 180 vacant blockchain-related advertised on LinkedIn. As for financial companies, Mastercard and JP Morgan Chase started their blockchain-based programs, so now they are hiring specialists as well.

Blockchain startups with the most openings

Blockchain startups with the most openings n AngeList are and Hydrogen. On average, startups have 3–4 job openings here.

On Crypto Jobs List, the top three biggest blockchain employers are Wanchain, Parity Technologies and Cindicator. Most startups here have just one or two open positions.

Out of the startups the absolute top hirer right now is Coinbase with 94 openings on Blocktribe and Circle Internet Financial with 39 open positions on Indeed.

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