Crypto Education. Part 1. Useful resources for self-learning the basics of trading

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If you have been interested in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain for a while, if you are following closely the news about the ups and downs of bitcoin, if you are disappointed that Telegram ICO never went public, if you remember the mantra "do not invest in crypto more than you are ready to lose without regrets” but still do not know where to start, then this article is for you.

We will start with resources where a newborn crypto trader will be able to obtain the necessary information and get answers to his questions, if he wants to grow in this area in a calm mode, does not need coaching and plans to independently figure out all the necessary details.

Today the Internet is flooded with all sorts of instructions that you can use. However, you need to be selective in order not to run into fraudulent or simply erroneous schemes.


It is useful for a beginner to get an account for BitcoinTalk start reading the threads in the Beginners and Help section. You can ask your own questions but be aware that most of them are already there. Pay attention to the rating (activity and merit points), since in all threads the newcomers are quite active, and they may not yet know enough about the issue.


Reddit basically is a social news aggregator and discussion website. It consists of thematic sections (subreddits) and a rather large number of them with a large number of subscribers is devoted to the topic of cryptocurrency and blockchain.You can start with Bitcoin for beginners or Cryptocurrency subreddits.

Tracking news

Best resources to get cryptocurrency news and fresh information in first hand is to regularly read several resources with a good reputation.

We recommend to track publications in ICObazaar blog. Our articles represent a serious analysis of fresh trends, market data and useful materials and texts on ICO marketing and trading.

You can continue with CoinTelegraph, an independent cryptomedia with highly educated authors and editors team. Another similar one is CoinDesk, you will get all the important news right on time.

You can also use sources like Cryptocompare or Coinmarketcap for the tabulation of various coins’ market cap and price. On Cryptocompare you will also find useful discussions about the latest crypto trends and get all the info about crypto, covering the main categories like mining, exchanges, wallets, coins.

Twitter experts

Step by step you will form for yourself a list of crypto experts, on whose opinion you can rely. Here’s a short selection of Twitter crypto experts, which in our opinion should be tracked.

@VentureCoinist is an account of blockchain startup advisor and investor Luke Martin, very good for getting regular advice on trading topics.

@CryptoTutor will teach you how to do long-term altcoin investments and understand charts, airdrops campaigns.

@Kazonomics is another market expert working in the blockchain from the very beginning.

@Notsofast is an account of mining and low cap altcoin specialist.

@SecretsOfCrypto another small cap coin specialist, can help you make the right choice.

@CryptOrca has deep understanding of market dynamics.

@ZeusZissou should be followed for market insights, technical analysis and educational links.


For old fashioned and meticulous readers we’ve also prepared a list of books about blockchain industry.

Blockchain Revolution, Don and Alex Tapscott

The The first book to which we address a person who wants to understand the blockchain technology. The book explores various use cases of blockchain across different industries. The best tutorial for a beginner.

Blockchain, Melanie Swan

Also very clear explanation of blockchain functionality with interesting use cases - for example identity-based systems - democratic voting models and decentralized autonomous organizations.

Mastering Bitcoin, Andreas Antonopoulos

From this one you’ll learn the basics of how bitcoin works and why it is considered digital gold of modern era. Big bonus that there are new versions regularly coming to keep the content up to date.

The Bitcoin Bible, Benjamin Guttmann

This book covers all sorts of bitcoin stories and snippets, collected with help of and leading journalists.


We’re sure that self-education is the key to a happy and stable future in the post-industrial world. However, considering that we live in the post-truth era, where in a huge sea of information you face falsifications every day, the user must be extremely selective. We recommend choosing reliable sources of information with a proven reputation and rely on them when developing the knowledge about the cryptocurrency market.

If you are not ready to engage in such selection yourself, read our next article about the possibility of online courses from leading industry experts.