In the first part, we discussed sources for self-education. There are really a lot of them. However, there are a large number of people who prefer to receive structured information from people with a good reputation. If you are one of them, here’s our article about online courses dedicated to crypto-currencies and crypto trading.

If you try to google “cryptocurrency online course”, you’ll see hundreds of pages with links to corresponding domain names (, and similar). But if you want to get good results, we strongly recommend selecting programs on serious resources with reviews and reputations.

Berkeley online courses

Edu2 00 - Crypto Education. Part 2: online courses

This is a high quality 2 courses program of the University of California Berkeley for $178.20. Includes “Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies” and “Blockchain Technology” blocks. It is described as “a comprehensive survey of core topics in cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, and blockchain technology” and has already been used by more than 8000 students.


Edu2 01 - Crypto Education. Part 2: online courses

Udemy is a very strong platform with courses of any kind. They already have lots of option for crypto education. You can choose free or paid (starting from $9.99) lessons considering the number of students who have already passed the program and the program rating in the system. You even can choose a program from professors of different universities. For example, Draper University offers free Bitcoin course where they introduce the technology and invite you to join the club and evaluate the whole scale of what is happening.

Top-3 most popular courses

Cryptocurrency Investment Course 2018: Fund your Retirement!

Cryptocurrency ICO Investing Course 2018: Identify the Best!

Cryptocurrency Trading Course 2018: Make Profits Daily!



Edu2 02 - Crypto Education. Part 2: online courses

Coursera is another platform that we highly recommend. They have various courses that will lead you through basics to technical details. They also offer university programs, including Princeton University Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies (you can join for free), taught by professor Arvind Narayan.


Edu2 03 - Crypto Education. Part 2: online courses

Cryptoversity is a platform that specializes on blockchain topic. They offer 4 different programs for a different level of understanding, you can purchase one course ($10) or choose a subscription ($49 and above) and get all the courses and support the project. Cryptoversity also offers a podcast program with news and tendencies review and blog with interesting articles.

Coin Academy

Edu2 04 - Crypto Education. Part 2: online courses

Coin Academy offers a large variety of digital currency tutorials for all the new cryptocurrency trends in today’s market. They have 4 free courses for different levels, detailed FAQ with an explanation of each currency. This platform is quite a good start for a person with zero knowledge. Their most popular course is “Digital Currency Ownership – Before You Begin”. It takes everyone through the basics of computer security that will help them keep their cryptocurrencies safe.


Edu2 05 - Crypto Education. Part 2: online courses

Blockgeek team proclaim it “online affordable Blockchain training technology educational platform”, its co-founders are experts in the technology industry, spanning years of experience at companies like Microsoft, SAP, and many multi-million dollars, successful startups. They offer 4 “fundamental” courses for beginners, several workshop series with code review and mentorship options, guest lectures, and regular hackathons.

Learn Crypto

Edu2 06 - Crypto Education. Part 2: online courses

Learn Crypto is an online trading school with The Cryptocurrencies and Wyckoff Course ($299.99), where you will learn trading techniques specially designed by famous stock speculator Richard D. Wyckoff. They also offer a blog and their own charting software.


All considered resources differ in the form of submission of the material, the number of users and the number of free options. All of them offer a large selection of courses that will be useful both for a beginner trader and experienced users. We recommend when choosing a course to pay attention to the author of the lectures, because his experience will be the key to your successful trading.