The amount of investments into blockchain companies in 2018 has already increased by 40% compared to 2017. As the market activity is growing, new blockchain and crypto-related professions are emerging. We have analyzed the most popular professions and skills in demand studied wages and opportunities.

Demand for blockchain specialists grew by 115% in 2017

The blockchain technology has been on the run for almost a decade, but its full potential began to reveal only a few years ago. This fostered a huge demand for specialists with the necessary knowledge and skills. However, many of the experts who started exploring the field in its early stages, have already earned enough and are now running their own projects of investing.

Six years ago, in 2012, one could hardly find a handful of job openings requesting blockchain skills. By 2016, that had increased to 1,838 postings globally, and in 2017 there have been 3,958 postings. That’s a 115% increase over 2016, and 2018 is set to exceed the number even more.

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Over 350+ crypto startups are now hiring on AngelList, and the number of job openings exceeded 1,600.

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Source: AngelList

Industry salaries depend on the employer and job function but stay higher than average

The shortage of experts leads to an increase in wages, and CVs mentioning blockchain, bitcoin or cryptocurrency, receive much attention. The most eager recruiters include startups, banks and financial companies, IT companies and large industrial enterprises.

As for wages, blockchain developers in the US earn up to $130,000 a year, by estimates of Computerworld. At the same time, software developers earn up to $105,000 a year.

Top industry jobs and skills required

Many of the jobs in the cryptocurrency world are technical ones. The most sought-for IT specialists are:

  • software engineers
  • backend and frontend developers
  • testers
  • blockchain architects

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Skills required

The requirements usually include proficiency in programming languages (C ++, JavaScript, C #, Go, Python, Solidity), work experience in the relevant area, understanding of the technology in general and additional skills depending on the project specifics.


Obviously, most of the job openings account for technical specialists. However, employers also look for non-techs:

  • marketers, SMM, and PR specialists,
  • business and data analysts
  • Blockchain attorneys or legal consultants
  • blockchain project managers
  • designers, copywriters


Skills required

Fluent English and one or two more languages are an asset. Chinese, Korean and Japanese are in high demand. Candidates with working experience in related areas (FinTech, banking or financial market) are more likely to be successful, and the crypto industry experience and knowledge is just perfect. It is also advisable to understand the basic blockchain concepts and being capable enough to discuss its use-cases and applications in the relevant ecosystem.


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