Google and Facebook banning ICO advertising has induced marketers to seek for other options to promote projects. Though the restrictions made it much more complicated to reach out audience some of the methods proved their efficiency.

Basic ICO marketing channels: pros and cons

Your main options are:

  • Crypto-ad networks
  • PR and events
  • Content marketing and SEO
  • SMM and Community
  • Listings
  • Co-promo
  • Teaser Networks

Some of those options may raise doubt and give unstable effect. Take networks: the traffic is often unreliable and the services are still mostly MVPs so you cannot really get any predictable results. PR can be unreasonably expensive if you aren’t ready to spend up to $ 10K on a YouTube review.

Content marketing gives no doubt but it’s a long-term game, ICO often can not play. Social media for ICO may give you smaller reach and it takes time and a lot of work to grow your community. Though active community gives you trust.

Listings are more intriguing: the traffic is most relevant and it’s bottom-of-the-funnel marketing, as people looking for ICO listings are already considering projects to invest and know what they are dealing with. If you compare reach with PR or networks you won’t get excited but it will all pay off with funds raised.

Listings: smart option with extras

As ICO in currently non-regulated market there is always a trust issue. That is why listing platforms and ratings are total must-do. Rating agencies are created by community members, ranking is transparent and objective. Experts give independent opinions as they are not paid for their ratings. Being featured on those websites is a sign of credibility.

Trusted listings:

Top-trusted listing platforms can be pricey but there are many trustworthy resources that offer rating for reasonable cost. So I suggest to allocate budget across multiple platforms and get the best out of it.

You can list your ICO for free on are add on-site promo options to reach more people. For example you can get rated for 0.2 BTC, featured on site for 1-3 weeks, you are on the mailing list to inversord and get social media mentions for 0.5-1.4 BTC.
In return you get access to 120 000 active investors and up to 6K clicks on your site in average. ICOBazaar has already listed over 3000 ICOs and helped them to raise over $ 1 bln.

Why rating is so important

I recommend you to get into as more rating as you can to get objective score. Also you build trust by putting a rating score on your website and it’s a good link building for SEO.

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So as you see ICO marketers are left with limited options, but making smart decisions, combining organic and paid tricks, using multiple channels and getting rated allows you to reach any target.