Blockсhain industry is a huge market. It is about a billion attracted investments and +400 new projects every month. Naturally, the demand for experienced specialists is rising and new vacancies appear daily.

Reports show that in 2018 blockchain engineering was second demanded skill on the labor market. Other research showed more than 300% growth in the number of blockchain jobs offered on popular hiring sites in the past 12 months. We are talking not only about positions in startups that are at the stage of planning a token sale, but also high-tech giants (Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, Bank of America, Visa and others) entering the market.

Taking into account the highest demand and competition for talents among those wealthy companies, there is a big problem of a shortage of specialists. That gives blockchain-driven companies a challenge – how to attract and retain best professionals.

To begin with

Despite the fact that the main request is the right developer, in the process of startup growth inevitably arises a need for a wide range of specialists. For example, with a large variety of soft skills (communications, legal, and marketing practice areas). To be prepared to this stage, your HR department should set up a precautionary hiring policy that establishes basic rules and future employees’ characteristics. Also, it would be convenient to discuss the scalability of the company processing routine and ensure that internal protocols, including onboarding, performance reviews, and training programs are ready to grow.

Locate them

When it comes to resume search, you need to have in mind that traditional methods won’t always work, they just won’t be effective enough. You may use Linkedin but there’s high chance you’ll miss your ideal candidate, great candidates won’t be within that range. They probably aren’t looking at traditional job boards either–those with in-demand skills don’t need to.

Try places of their accumulation:

You can also consider alumni of special programs and hire an inspired junior ready to build a brighter future for the blockchain in your cozy openspace.

Understand and evaluate them

The important thing for a business looking for a blockchain developer is to hire someone with a background that fits in with their company culture and goals. Your candidate needs to believe your project is for a greater good, and it aligns with his own principles. The wrong kind of developer can result in an unproductive working relationship.

You’ll have to explain properly your culture and engagement during the interview and ask several questions:

  • Ask, what is your candidate vision of blockchain philosophy and, what’s more important, tell about your company mission
  • Check their experience in blockchain and discuss some existing (maybe already solved) problems and challenges of the product
  • Let them explain how their previous experience might be useful within your company

Your ideal candidate should have:

  • Strong vision and beliefs in decentralization
  • A true passion for the technology
  • Working projects in the portfolio, that can be looked at and checked

Offer wisely

Do not forget that these specialists are extremely in demand, most likely they are conducting several projects and are not in search of work. In addition, they are besieged by other recruiters, so that they have the final decision. Blockchain developers are often a very different kind of workers, with unique skills, habits, and lifestyles. You need to find out how you can tempt them into working with you.

Money is a good motivator, but shouldn’t be the only one. You need to be flexible, sometimes to consider a remote worker or to be prepared to offer a relocation package. You should be ready to fork out. Blockchain developers have been earning 25-50% more than similar full-stack developers will be able to earn without blockchain experience, according to Block Discover.

As you will have to offer a comfortable environment for creativity, your offer might include:

  • Shares (or your project token reward)
  • Flexible working hours
  • “Work from home” option
  • A supportive, trusting, and open work environment.
  • 10% time to dedicate to personal projects.
  • Regular hack days.
  • A personal development budget for training and events and support and encouragement to submit talks if you want to.

Hold tight

Once you have your candidate on board, that means the game starts (that’s not the happy ending). You need to be able to hold your candidate and make him stay longer and be passionate about the product. This includes offering them more challenging projects every time along with a pleasant working environment, pay rises in line with the market and the possibility for career growth.

If you need a fast path

One word: outsource. Here’s a top list of companies you can turn to created by


The most important thing to understand in the process of searching for a blockchain specialist is that the blockchain team will become the cornerstone of the whole project. It depends on your choice: the success of the company and its flowering or devastating reviews and oblivion.