300+ ICOs data analysed: $1509 mln raised total, 33% closed sale report rate and project quality increase detected. The ICO market shows a slight decrease in funds raised: the total amount of collected funds is 18% lower compared to May.

Market overview

1 1024x583 - ICO Market Analysis: JuneSource: coinschedule.com

The most successful projects of the month are: HybridBlock with $47mln raised, FANTOM with $37.85mln raised and Coal Industry Coin with $37.2mln raised.

2 1024x413 - ICO Market Analysis: June

In June only 46% of projects officially closed their ICO as they planned (112 out of 242). It’s quite similar with the May result (50%, 195 out of 395). The number of projects that officially extended sales remained at the same level as in May (35%).

The main difference between the results of May and June is that a significantly smaller number of projects announced the results of sales (if we compare it to the number of closed ICOs). If in May we had 46% of closed projects disclosure (91 out of 195), in June only 33% have published their results already (38 out of 112). Many do not disclose this information (66% in June).

3 1024x411 - ICO Market Analysis: June

The same trend is also observed in the number of projects: according to ICOBazaar data only 81 project declared ICO launch (which is more than 60% lower than the May result. And 242 projects closed the token sale, which is 35% lower than in May.

4 1024x683 - ICO Market Analysis: June

5 1024x688 - ICO Market Analysis: June(Source: ICOBazaar)

This data clearly shows that companies do not plan token sale launch for the summer, which is a slow season and we are expecting activity rise in autumn. However a significant number of projects are closing in June, partly because the duration of sales increases and the closing date is shifted for different reasons.

The chart below shows that 20% of projects were rushing to close in June, so the closing date of the project is announced on June 30.

6 1024x688 - ICO Market Analysis: JuneSource: ICOBazaar.com

Although by hardcaps the projects that ended in June did not differ much from the May projects, there is a slight tendency to choose higher hardcaps: for example, if average project goal in May was about $6.5 mln, in June average goal was $16 mln.

7 - ICO Market Analysis: June

Source: ICOBazaar.com

ICObazaar rating – stronger and more reliable

In June, compared with May, the number of projects with a rating score of less than 3 points decreased by 5%, while the number of strong medium projects with a score below 4 points increased by 10%. The most successful projects with the result 4.5-5 also increased by 8%.

8 1024x741 - ICO Market Analysis: JuneSource: ICOBazaar.com

Top-5 rated projects closed in June


The 4th Pillar4,7

Top categories

The most popular ICO categories in June was “Platform”, “Cryptocurrency” and “Business services”, they make 40% of all projects. Then we have “Trading & Investing”, “Software” and “Financing&Banking” with 15,5% in total. A significant increase in comparison with the May results and the average for the year showed the categories “Cryptocurrency” and “Events & Entertainment”. Comparing to the May results, the most significant growth was shown by “Casino&Gambling” (+247%), “Finance & Banking” category (+127%) and “Energy & Utilities” (+132%).

9 1024x690 - ICO Market Analysis: June

10 939x1024 - ICO Market Analysis: June

What to expect

In July and August, we expect a calm before the autumn rise and, possibly, a growth in the rating of those projects that will still be decided to be launched in the summer. It is also possible that the collected amounts will grow due to the fact that summer projects will hold presales and collect substantial funds preparing for public sales in autumn.

Top-20 public ICOs ended in June 2018 by amount raised

11 740x1024 - ICO Market Analysis: JuneSource: ICOBazaar.com, icodata.io