$988 mln raised total, 33% closed sale report rate

Market overview

400+ ICO data analyzed by one of top listing platforms ICO Bazaar. $988 mln raised in August, market is recovering after July drop. Investors begin to increase activity, preparing to the Autumn race.

1 - ICO Market Report August

Source: coinschedule.com

Most successful projects of August are: tZERO with $134 mln raised, KitToken with $117.5 mln raised, Hedera Hashgraph with $100 mln raised.

In August we didn’t have any of those extremely successful ICO projects with billions of funds raised (comparing with El Petro ICO in February, Telegram ICO in May and EOS finally closed at the beginning of June).  But comparing to July results (Online with $50 mln raised was the most successful one) we see how the market is starting to recover after vacation season.


2 1024x496 - ICO Market Report August

ICO token sale disclosure rate

In August, one-third of projects preferred to extend sale dates, as they expect more activity from investors in September. At the same time, 18.2% of the projects published the results by September,15, and 15% have announced closure without reporting any numbers.

3 1024x493 - ICO Market Report August

124 ICOs out of 373 have actually closed token sales in August.

4 1024x688 - ICO Market Report August

A continuous trend that we note from month to month is that teams tend to plan start date for the 1st day of the month, and want to close on the last day of the month (we saw it in both June market insights and July report). This strategy is similar for many projects. This may be due to the fact that the start/end date is not considered an important point, when the desire of the team to “start in August and finish in September” results in the choice of such dates, after which the sales are extended in the same way without additional analysis. However, the data shows that conducting an additional market research (including the competitor’s date of launch) can significantly help ICOs to enter the top.

5 1024x688 - ICO Market Report August

Projects ended in August tend to choose “less than $1 mln” hardcaps. More projects are entering the market with well-planned campaigns, understanding what financing will be required and claiming for determined assets. Traditionally, moderate hardcaps are considered a good sign for an ICO and perhaps these teams expect to make this impression. At the same time, the average hardcap has grown comparing to July result (we traditionally exclude anomalous caps above the billion USD from average calculations): the average ICO goal in June was $3.9 mln, $4.2 mln in July and $5,1 mln in August.

6 1024x652 - ICO Market Report August

ICObazaar rating – more even distribution in August

In August the number of projects with a rating score below 3 points increased by 15% and the number of strong medium projects with a score below 4 points decreased by 25%. The number of top-rated ICO slightly increased by 7%.

7 1024x741 - ICO Market Report August

What is behind the rating?

Our experts evaluate all the projects by criteria: team, idea, technology, media and site. As we have already written in our detailed project reviews in the blog, team often plays crucial role for project perception – investors usually want to be sure that they are not betting on a dark horse. In our rating we see that projects with higher team score receive higher overall rating: SKYFchain has 5 for the team and takes first place in our August list, QuarkChain (4,8) and Wemark (5) occupy the second and third place, respectively.

We see that the trend of not paying enough attention to media persists. 65% of projects have media rating below 4. Some of them lose chance to get higher overall rating because of that. TimeBox with very decent score for idea (5) and team (4,4) gets only 2 for media and ends on 10 place in our August list.

8 - ICO Market Report August

Top ICO categories

Most popular ICO categories in August (the same as in July and June) were Platform and Cryptocurrency – 30% of all projects. On the third line came the category of Artificial Intelligence with 7,4% comparing to 3,5% in July and 3,8% in June, +112% raise comparing to July result. Then goes Business services, Smart Contract and Finance & Banking with 16,7%. Finance & Banking category gained +40% increase comparing to July. Social Network category has started to develop recently growing from 1 project in July to 8 projects in August, showing +525% raise. Other growing categories: Travel & Tourism (+56%), Real estate (+49%).

Several categories showed a slight decrease: Business services, Infrastructure, Trading & Investing, Big Data & Data Storage together lost 8% from the July result.

9 1024x690 - ICO Market Report August

10 663x1024 - ICO Market Report August

What to expect

In September ICObazaar market experts expect two different possible scenarios. Obviously both ICOs and investors will get more active comparing to the summer stagnation period, but as ICO market depends on Bitcoin fluctuations, the fundraising result will also depend on Bitcoin. Moreover there are projects that are postponing there token sales due to market stagnation. So we expect certain increase of activity (both from projects and investors) that will result in a slight increase in collected funds results.

11 628x1024 - ICO Market Report August

Source: ICOBazaar.com, icodata.io

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