Marketing plays a vital role in ICO success. As the number of ICOs is increasing from year to year, attracting a vide investor’s audience becomes crucial.

ICO marketing problems

There are several popular ways to market an ICO, some of which are unique to the cryptocurrency market. ICOs are generally viewed as a risky investment, and due to a high amount of scam ICO projects as well as to comply with the regulators, ICO and cryptocurrency marketing was banned by most major ad platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google.

Main marketing channels for blockchain projects

ICO market is overpopulated, and marketing in specialized channels might become too expensive and ineffective unless cleverly approached.

Listing and rating platforms

Listing platforms are websites that list upcoming and ongoing ICOs, some of them also assign a rating. Listing is typically free. However, most listing platforms offer various paid listing options that guarantee better visibility. A high rating on multiple listing platforms is considered a significant trust building factor for an ICO and can be obtained as a result of unbiased evolution or come as part of a paid package. Some listing websites charge tens of Bitcoins for premium listing options. Some of the popular listing platforms are:

Roadshows and Events

During active marketing phase of an ICO, founders or key team members often participate in events and cryptocurrency conferences. Events are organized all over the world, typically in the capitals. It is possible to become an event’s sponsor which usually automatically establishes the option purchaser as one of the speakers, allowing to promote the product in front of a large audience.

Content Marketing and SEO

A proven way to boost website traffic is by creating unique content. It allows a website to rank high in the search result based on the user’s input. Most ICOs feature a blog. However, considering that the lifespan of an ICO usually does not exceed one or two months, there is not enough time to utilize the full potential of SEO marketing.

SMM and Community management

Most ICOs form strong communities of investors and observers that help to launch marketing by word-of-mouth and to create a viral effect. There are several web platforms where ICO communities are typically formed. It is of extreme importance for an ICO to have active groups in messengers, such as Telegram and active forums, like as a community is often used for ICO evaluation by investors and ICO rating websites.

Advertising networks

ICOs can be promoted through advertising networks, both traditional and crypto. Crypto-ad-networks bring together thousands of publisher websites such as faucets and blockchain news portals on which advertiser’s ads are displayed. Due to the oversaturation of the market cryptocurrency ad networks can be very expensive, with the minimal daily budget starting at $15,000 in some cases. To afford advertising smaller projects often form pools and split the price and views/clicks. Cryptocurrency advertising networks usually use CPM or CPC models.

Examples of crypto advertising networks: