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Hard Cap and Soft Cap 

ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings can be capped or uncapped. Capped ICOs run until a certain amount of funds is collected, while uncapped ICOs run for a set period that can range from weeks to multiple months. What is a Hard Cap? Hard Cap indicates…

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ICO Marketing 

Marketing plays a vital role in ICO success. As the number of ICOs is increasing from year to year, attracting a vide investor’s audience becomes crucial. ICO marketing problems There are several popular ways to market an ICO, some of which are unique to the…

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With the rising interest from regulators towards ICOs, it is becoming more difficult to conduct an ICO and meet all administrative requirements, which creates doubt for investors. KYC and AML are methods that are broadly known in the financial sector and help to facilitate relationships…

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Bounty programs are held as a part of an ICO. Participants of Bounty programs, also called Bounty Hunters, receive rewards for specific activities that can include marketing or development related tasks, such as bug hunting. Usually, Bounty participants are rewarded with the companies tokens and…

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An ICO whitelist is a list of participating ICO investors, that is composed before the start of an ICO. Typically, only those investors who have registered for a whitelist can take part in an ICO. However, this rule is often neglected, and whitelists are used…

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Token Sale 

Token sale stages Token sales are usually divided into multiple distinct stages: Registration for a whitelist and KYC Pre ICO Private Sale Public Sale Bounty program Each stage of a token sale structure if different and may grant different bonuses to investors.   Registration for…

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ICO industry is especially prone to scam as significant funds are concentrated in a field that does not have standardized regulation. It might be reasonably easy for unhonest founders to embezzle collected capital.   How common are scam ICOs? A study by Satis Group LLC…

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An Airdrop is an instance of a company distributing its tokens free of charge. Airdrops are generally accessible to anyone who provides their public address where tokens are be sent, even though some cases some additional criteria must be met.   The purpose of Airdrops…

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A whitepaper is a technical document that provides the most in-depth overview of the idea of a project. A whitepaper is used as one of the primary marketing materials during an ICO since most of the investors will be making a decision on whether to…

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Private Sale 

Private sale is an ICO stage where only selected investors can participate. It is usually held before the main fundraising event – the crowdsale. What is a Private Sale Private sale is a closed fundraising event that can take place during an ICO, usually before the…