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ICO Regulation 

ICO regulation varies substantially from a country by country. In many nations, ICO regulation is still being developed. Hence, in some jurisdictions, ICOs fall in a legal grey zone. Some regulators support and encourage ICOs while in other countries they are banned as a risky…

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STO is a new type of crowdfunding that was created to solve some of the typical ICO problems, such as high amount of scam, lack of regulation and limited investor’s rights. Differences between ICO and STO ICO companies usually sell so-called utility tokens that essentially…

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A roadmap provides an overview of the development plan that is prepared for a project, covering the most important milestones. Aspects covered in a roadmap can range from technological developments to business, legal, or marketing achievements. A good roadmap should provide a clear idea of…

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Bitcoin or BTC ( from “bit” and “coin”), is a decentralized digital currency and a peer-to-peer payment system that uses cryptographic methods for increased safety and reduced fraud factor. All transaction information is recorded in the blockchain with entirely unrestricted access. Therefore anybody can see…

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This article is about Satoshi, a unit of Bitcoin ( BTC ). Read about the person Satoshi Nakamoto. What is Satoshi? Satoshi is a small fraction of a Bitcoin. It acts as an analog of a cent in BTC. Interestingly Satoshi Nakamoto commonly referred to…

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Bitcoin Withdrawal 

Bitcoins can be withdrawn and traded for fiat money in several ways, including tools provided by cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitcoin ATMs and direct trades with interested parties. Withdrawing from cryptocurrency exchanges Some cryptocurrency exchanges provide the possibility to withdraw Bitcoins directly to a bank account or…

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Buying and Selling Bitcoins 

It is possible to buy or sell Bitcoins in a direct Bitcoin transaction with an interested party, through Bitcoin ATMs, or by using digital currency exchange services – specialized online platforms that are often called exchanges even though they have no official exchange licenses. Bitcoins…

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Bitcoin Transactions 

A Bitcoin transaction is an act of transporting value from one Bitcoin address to another. All transactions are grouped into blocks and saved in the network. Blocks are not encrypted therefore anybody can freely browse and see information about any given block in the blockchain…