While many successful gatherings have already taken place this year, the fall of 2018 promises to be just as exciting. With this in mind, here is a list of the best conferences to catch in September.

WBF: Investments & ICOs, 3–5 September 2018

WBF London is renown as the launchpad for revolutionary innovators like Ethereum and RSK. What new legends may emerge this time?


Location:  London, Great Britain

Content: The future of ICOs, emergence of STOs

Speakers: Halsey Minor (Founder and CEO at Live Planet and VideoCoin), David Chaum (Inventor of Digital Cash), Jack Gavigan (COO at ZCash), Vanessa Grellet (Executive and Director at ConsenSys), Anthony Di Iorio (CEO at Jaxx, Co-founder of Ethereum)

Tickets: General admission – 1,000 GBP

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Crypto Investment + ICO Summit, 5–7 September 2018

Interactive, cutting-edge agenda including keynotes, panels, and interactive discussions – no other event has a more interactive agenda!


Location:  Sydney, Australia

Content: Real-life case studies, benefits of blockchain technologies for investors and technology backed businesses

Speakers: Henrik Anderson (CIO at Apollo Capital), Steve Bellotti (CEO at Digital Currency Holdings), Simon Cant (Managing Director at Reinventure), Xiao Chen (Principal Solicitor at CSJ Legal Group), Craig Cobb (Founder of Tradercobb.com, Host of TraderCobb Crypto Show)

Tickets:  3 day package (full access) – $4,195, 2 day package (conference only) – $3,595. Discounts available for groups and supporting partners

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BlockChainConf,  6–7 September 2018

This conference is aimed at software engineers in the first place, so most of the networking events and discussions are aimed at tech experts.


Location: Atlanta, USA

Content: Development of applications that leverage decentralized data, decentralized ownership, decentralized identity, decentralized infrastructure and software

Speakers: Christopher Ferris (Distinguished Engineer and CTO Open Technology at IBM), Stephen Pair (CEO at Bitpay), Marley Gray (Principal Architect at the Azure Blockchain), Nat Villasana (Software Engineer at Storj), Chris Matthieu (Computes, Inc.)

Tickets: Full access – $645, main conference only – $545

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Global Blockchain Summit, 7–12 September 2018

The event includes Wanxiang Blockchain Hackathon, Tech Open Day and the 4th Global Blockchain Summit


Location: Shanghai

Content: Consensus mechanisms, side-chain and cross-chain systems, privacy protection, true value of blockchain technology in future industrial application

Speakers: Vitalik Buterin (Founder of Ethereum), Alex Batlin (Founder and CEO of Trustology), Jae Kwon (Founder of Cosmos project), Dominic Williams (President and Chief Scientist at DFINITY), Craig Dunn (Chair of ISO/TC 307).

Tickets: TechDay Ticket – $375, Summit Ticket – $703, TechDay+Summit Ticket – $920.

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International Blockchain Summit, 25 September 2018

There will be two different stages, one of them dedicated to general issues, and the other one focused on the financial aspects of the blockchain.


Location: Moscow

Content: opportunities and advantages of the new technology, cybersecurity, sharing economy and state regulation of the new type of assets

Speakers: Alexey Voronin (Co-founder at Smart Valley), Stepan Gershuni (General Partner at bits.capital), George Verbitsky (Managing Director at eToro), Peter Bel (Founder of Byzantium)

Tickets: Standard Ticket – $82

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