An ICO whitelist is a list of participating ICO investors, that is composed before the start of an ICO. Typically, only those investors who have registered for a whitelist can take part in an ICO. However, this rule is often neglected, and whitelists are used solely for marketing and PR purposes. Some ICOs may opt to skip the whitelist registration stage entirely.

Benefits of registering for a Whitelist.

Some ICOs may grant bonuses to those investors who have registered for a whitelist. Such bonuses are usually applicable in a short time after the launch of the main ICO. Another benefit for professional investors is notifications – everyone who is registered for a whitelist usually receives a notification email once the ICO starts, reminding to invest early when the token price is lowest. There are specialized websites that collect all active whitelists in the same place – these platforms work similarly to ICO trackers helping investors to choose an ICO to participate in.

Check ICObazaar ICO listing for whitelists. Some other notable examples:

Whitelist requirements

Usually, whitelist registrees are required to complete a KYC procedure, to confirm that they meet all criteria for participating in the ICO. For example, some ICOs may reject USA and China citizens because of the ICO regulation in these countries. Among other often required information is a name, email, wallet address and how many tokens one would like to purchase.