The blockchain industry today is at the peak of growth. This causes high demand for specialists, a large number of vacancies and a lack of professionals who could fit these vacancies. Therefore, there is a real HR battle for the employees going on. Employers try to offer candidates better conditions than competitors do. Recently we wrote about how an employer should correctly approach the search for an employee for a blockchain project. This article is about pros and cons of blockchain jobs and how to find a new job in this area.

The most attractive thing about blockchain is that it is now quite easy for a person to enter this industry even without experience. Everyone who is keen on this topic and is ready to develop in it.

Here are 5 reasons to get involved with crypto:


Highest demand

Our research shows, more than 400 startups start ICO campaign every month. All these teams are in continuous search of new employees. With at least 6 month of experience you’ll get offers and will be able to choose the one. And you still have time to get this experience by studying hard at certified online courses.


Better pay

It is quite obvious that now huge amounts of money are poured in the industry due to the increased attention of investors and large corporations. The big companies like IBM, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple are spending billions of dollars on research in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Quantum Computing, and Autonomous Vehicles. In addition, employers are willing to offer high salaries to people with experience, furthermore employees without experience can get higher salaries as well.


Lack of usability experts

At the moment due to uneven development of different areas of the blockchain market the usability of products suffers a lot as a lot of these blockchain applications have a terrible user experience (similar to early days of Internet development).


Lack of soft skills

If you think that this whole article is exclusively for developers, you are mistaken. Now there is also a great demand for non-tech heads who understand the specifics of blockchain projects and will be able to explain it to ordinary users. It’s ironic that scam projects also thrive through their efforts, behind the screen of beautiful and impressive white papers, there is absolutely nothing.


Challenging research tasks

On a higher technical level, there is a ton of research being done in blockchain, distributed computing, and security that now has way more funding than anyone could have ever imagined.



To sum up


Undoubtedly, the main advantage of working in blockchain is the opportunity to gain a unique experience in order to become a pro in the industry. It’s a game changing market that will probably change how we do accounting, store data, pay taxes and interact with governments. Although it’s quite a risky decision, it’s still a perfect opportunity.


Join a brave new world of crypto today – apply for an open job in the startup you like.